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Black History Month Exhibition at the Sassoon Gallery 2020

‘Black Men Are Good’ – A three-part exhibition that raises questions of residence, belonging and diversity. Curated by Aida Silvestri and Arike of Origins with the generous support of Folkestone Library and Folkestone Town Council.

Whatever a Black Man can do to remind himself that he is fully human to do it and to keep doing it…

I don't think we need to do more than that…it is just to remind ourselves that we are fully human.
– Arike, 2020
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This year’s Black History Month is a collaborative piece which includes ideas from a diverse group of people coming together to celebrate and praise Black men in honour of our founding member Arike (1949 – 2020). He invested many decades of his life raising awareness of the notion that ‘Black Men Are Good’ and he worked tirelessly to highlight the Black presence in Folkestone through his Origins projects, BLM and the celebration of Black History Month.

Exhibition at the Sassoon Gallery

Portraiture, sculpture, mixed media installation, written pieces and accompanying artwork are exhibited at the Sassoon Gallery. Exhibiting artists and makers: Admire Ncube, Aida Silvestri, Anita Mckenzie, Anthony Browne, Ebun Culwin, Hilary Carter, James Lawrence, Josephine Carter, Lee Desai, Raga Gibreel, Ray Carter, Senet Yohannes, Nareece Dearsley and Kara Burrell.

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