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About Us

Portrait of a woman of african heritage

Origins Untold is a volunteer arts organisation presenting music, poetry, visual arts, fashion and food inspired and created by people of the African diaspora. Since 2015 we have hosted cultural, creative and social events to coincide with national and international celebrations of Black and African heritage, such as Black History Month, Windrush Day and Refugee Week.

Our Aims

We are a celebration of the presence of African and Caribbean-heritage people in the South East of England and we present the opportunity for local community members to connect, learn and grow together. We strive to achieve this by hosting cultural, creative and social events, including workshops, exhibitions, discussion groups and performances, to coincide with national and international celebrations of Black and African heritage.

We work in solidarity with all people of marginalised identities to build a community engaged in fostering cultural understanding and countering racism, sustained by creativity and cultural sharing.

Our History

Origins Untold was founded in 2015 by the late, great Arikę (aka Stan Grant), who sadly passed away on 12 June 2020 after a tragic accident.

Arikę's vision for our organisation was to broaden and change the conversation about race and about ourselves as members of the African diaspora. To honour this, we are committed to breaking stereotypes, making unseen connections and unearthing buried histories, acknowledging the contributions that Black people have made to the history of this region and to its present.

Read our tribute to Arikę.

Our Journey

Origins Untold is, at its heart, a journey into our origins, sharing the untold stories of our people in all our diversity.

Welcome aboard!

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